VerteLith for Contour Cutting Setup and Use Online Course

Considering the higher number of requests for setting up and using VerteLith for contour cutting, here is a free online course.

11 Lessons and about 1 Hour of video content along with written assistance.

  • Includes written guide for Print & Cut for download with step by step instructions
  • Includes how to install and then set the proper blade length for cutting media.
  • Includes an entire video on Print and Cut Environments and how they are used together for this type of application.
  • Shows the user the necessary changes needed in the Print Environment to turn on cut registration marks.
  • Includes an example of how to setup the job in Flexi MUTOH edition

It will be updated as needed when VerteLith gets updated. It is focuses on using the MUTOH VC2 cutters, but the principles can be used for other cutters we support as well.


Please click on the image link below for FREE enrollment now!


Screen Shot 2022-06-28 at 3.41.50 PM