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Summa F-Series Pricing Guide

Last updated 6/22/2021 by Steven

Table of Contents

  1. Intro
  2. Quote Excel Sheet
  3. Base Set Contents
  4. Base MSRP
  5. Options
  6. Current Promo (None)

Summa has expressed that they do not want the prices out online for their competitors to see, which is why they have requested that we place the prices behind a "Contact Us" wall.
All price requests will be added to the sales pipeline for someone to be contacted.

There is a handy Excel Sheet (provided by Mark from Summa) which will aid in the quoting process.


All Base sets come with:

  • Vacuum Pack: Pump, sound absorber, switching valve
  • Conveyor System with Pneumatic Media Clamps and Roll-support
  • Integrated Safety System
  • Camera system
  • Drag Module


Here are the base model MSRPs:

  • F1432: $91,590
  • F1612: $61,990
  • F1832: $108,990
  • F3220: $113,990
  • F3232: $125,990

NOTE: The F1832, F3220, and F3232 (larger tables) have a MANDOTORY assembly cost that is added afterward to the base cost (roughly $6,000).


The Drag Module can be swapped out for a Tangential Module (which allows the customer to use many different cutting, creasing, and oscillating tools) and a Rotary Module (which holds routing bits). All models have a tool holder which can have up to three (3) concurrent modules (this allows for fewer tool swaps and increases efficiency).

Any additional tools, bits, modules, software, additions, and media handling options are an extra cost (please use the Excel sheet to see compatible parts with part numbers). 



There is not a promo at this time.