Tech Support Team SOPs

Tech Support Team - STS Printhead Issue Checklist (Prior to Forwarding to STS Support)

If an STS customer contacts us regarding a printhead issue, please confirm the items below. Then, pass information to STS Support.

  1. Ask for when did the nozzle clog symptoms began.
  2. Ask for a nozzle check.
  3. Ask the customer if they have been doing maintenance (head clean, wiper cleaning, capping station cleaning, clean around the head). During head cleaning, if there is any improvements, have the customer pull from the waste tube and do a light cleaning to see if it makes the nozzle check better.
  4. Is the humidity/ temperature good?
  5. If bulk ink, ask customer to check the plug and see if it has any leakage?
  6. Ask customer to check to see if the nozzle check is bad throughout the channels - that means its head strike, immediately we have to let the customer know that's a head strike and NOT covered in warranty.
  7. Make sure auto clean is on for at least 6 hours.
  8. Make sure they are not turning off the machine/ machine should be on all the time.
  9. Ask the customer what is the white ink batch number is.

After asking all these questions, we can send the customer to support@sts and share nozzle check photos etc.