STS Inks - How do you move white ink to the 7 & 8 slots on the VJ-628D?

Slot 5,6 conversion to 7,8

1. Install F/W V1.06 under MSM
2. Log into MSA

3. Select Option

4. Select the printer model VJ-628X, and enter IP

5. Select Board Manager Mode, after it switches (you’ll get this pop up)

Select Maintenance Panel

Select boot mode, self-Diagnosis mode, English and it will take a minute to connect.
6. In Self-Diagnosis mode “Check 3 adjustment, Adjustment 10.Longstore” and flush the
    system with cleaning
7. In Self-Diagnosis mode “Parameter” -> “Update” -> “Ink Config”
    Make sure “Auto” is selected
8. Check 2 ink-charge
9. It will prompt you to select which ink type to choose, select This is the correct ink
    configuration: KCMYSSWW.
    Switch it to OK
10. Then put in your inks, and it will start Ink Charge
11. Turn the printer off and back on in normal mode
12. Now you should be able to do a nozzle check / get to printing normally through Flexi.