STS - How to Avoid a Head Strike

Please review the steps below on how to avoid a head strike when using your STS Inks printer.

1. Make sure the media lock is tight / no space when loading the media
2. Make sure there is no slack at the roll on the back
3. Make sure that the media guide is set properly and the media is flat
4. On the MSM, Make sure the Roll set up is Set.
5. Operator should watch out or check if there's enough media at the back before printing.
6. Do not lift the media while printing.
7. Be careful not to lift the media when loading it to the shaker.
When Head Strike Happens
1.  Power off the printer
2.  slowly Move the carriage to the away from the media jam.
3. cut the wrinkled or jammed media.
4. roll back the media until it's completely removed from the printer.
5.  Move the carriage from the top of the media to the right
6. Set the Media 
7. Power On the printer
8. Perform a head cleaning
9. Print a nozzle test.
10. If unable to recover the nozzle after a few head clean ,do a Wet Capping overnight and do a little charge the next day.
11. if still cant recover the nozzle call AA or STS for support
White Ink Maintenance
1. Shake the white ink every morning.
2. Shake the white ink every end of the day before putting the printer to sleep mode.
how to shake the white
1. Remove the white ink adaptor from the printer
2. Remove the Bag from the Adaptor
3. Hold the Bag Horizontally and shake it side to side for 2 minutes
4. massage the side of the bag to remove the settled ink
5. reseat the bag to the adaptor
6. cleaning the tip of the adaptor
7. insert back the adaptor to the printer.
Other Recommendation
1. Keep the Recommended Environment setting below
  Temperatures between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius/68-75F 24hrs a day 7 days a week 
   Humidity <35% - 45%  
2. Perform the weekly and Monthly Maintenance