Prestige Daily Maintenance

Prestige A3+ DTF Printer is a reliable and affordable way to start your business backed by All American Print Supply's Lifetime technical support. Make sure to follow the daily steps below to maintain your Prestige A3+ DTF Printer's performance.

Start of the day
  1. Check waste tank level not to have the line touching
  2. Remove the clip from the waste ink tube that was placed last night (see the end of the day maintenance)
  3. Check ink bottles to make sure there is enough ink.
  4. Shake the white ink bottle + white ink that they have in storage.
  5. Check dampers to see if they are fitted correctly.
  6. Turn on power switch in the back, wait about 5 seconds, then turn on front power button.
  7. Perform a Head cleaning (do not use bent papers, recommend using dtf films from us or use inkjet transparencies - I'll have a link available later).
  8. Nozzle Check, if nozzle check is no good, pull ink from the waste tank 2~5 mil, perform another head cleaning and do a nozzle check. Must have a good nozzle to start.
End of the Day:
  1. Press the maintenance button/ 2nd button next to the power button.
  2. Gently move the printhead carriage to the side.
  3. Clean the cap with a swab.
  4. Clean the wiper with a swab.
  5. Clean the printhead with a longer swab or attach a stick to extend the swab.
  6. Pull 1 mil ink from the waste tank.
  7. Clip the waste ink tube and pour the cleaning solution into the capping station.
  8. Press the 2nd button to Engage the printhead.
  9. Turn off the printer from the front.
  10. Wait 5 seconds and turn off from the back.
  11. Close the covers and tray.
  12. Cover with Equipment cover.
  13. Store the printer in a cool area + the excess ink refills etc.