M2 DTG Printer

Everything about M2

Coldesi: https://dtgprintermachine.com/m2-dtg-printer/

They sell their own ink

Epson Based Printer

Ink Comp: Dupont P5000 Series

White: https://www.dtgmart.com/product/ink-dupont-artistri-neoflex-p5000-white-bottles/

CMYK: https://www.dtgmart.com/product/ink-dupont-artistri-ricoh-based-cmykw-dtg-bulk-bottles-1000ml/

Changing From Coldesi's ink to Dupont 5000

You will need to make sure you flushed your machine correctly. You will need to shake the dupont ink well before putting into

your DTG printer. If you are having issues with the nozzlre checks, you may need to contact your DTG printer's manufacturer
to diagnose the issue.