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Internal YouTube Videos

Last updated 6/18/2021 by Jae Eun

  1. End the video title with "(Internal)"
    1. Example: Mister T1 and Mister T2 Basic Maintenance, Tips Tutorial (Internal)
  2. Name the video title like a normal video - Although it's for internal purposes, it makes it easier for everyone to navigate if it's in "normal" format.
  3. Description - If there's any additional information that was missing from the video, add it here.
    1. Include "Do not share this video with customers, this is for internal purposes only." in the description.
    2. Example:
  4. Add to playlist called "Internal"
  5. Make sure the video is marked as "unlisted"
    1. Example:
    2. No need to do tags/ etc.
  6. No need to do tags/ etc.