Uninet iColor 550

iColor 550 Overview

iColor 550 Overview

Whats in the box.


iColor Rip dongle

Starter toner set cmy+w

Comes with free black toner cartridge


  How many prints can I get out of the starter set?

The standard yield is about 3k prints

Extended yield is about 7k


Why is the white toner more expensive than the cmyk?

Typically white ink is more expensive to manufacture but also because it is considered                   fluorescent. 


Where do I download the Smartcut?

Smartcut does not come with the machine. This can be purchased separately 



My Uninet will not connect?

This will fix the issue 90% of the time. (most of my calls are because of this issue)



Is there maintenance?

The 550 is a dry toner based system so it does not need to be ran often but cleaning the drum for any ink splatter is recommended every once in a while. (monthly) 


Tech support

If customer is having issues with the print, please post it in the slack channel and a technician will reach out. If it is a physical problem with the printer then customer must fill out a support ticket here: https://www.icolorprint.com/get-support


Additional media support:

Issues with papers or instructions can all be found here: https://www.icolorprint.com/support