How to fix Print Jump Issue

Jumping Issues is when a printer stops mid-print and floats back to the front and resumes printing. One, the printer will lock, but contiunues to print on the same plane. Two, the printer will return to the front and resumes printing and moves accord

Usually the simple fix is the USB cord. Ask where the USB cord is plugged into. Most likely it is plugged on the bottom of the transport; tell the customer to plug it DIRECTLY in the back of the printer. Make sure to tell whoever to remove the transport USB cord out before inserting the direct USB cord.

The second problem is caused when the printer stops mid-way and returns to the home state and resumes printing the second half, while printer is moving. This problem is caused with empty information in between prints. For example, sweatshirts on platen 1 and platen 3 (because of thickness and bulky sweatshirt). Since Platen 2 is not occupied the software/printer gets confused. Solution: Have the customer remake a platen template, BUT with only 2 platens and have them closer together.