How to fix Sentinel HASP Run-Time Environment Installer

During first NeoRip PRO install, you get a popup with the following message "Unable to start hardlock service with parameters 1119 1058 1." See the attached document in the knowledge base

This problem mainly occurs due to error in installing the HASP driver.

Please follow the below given steps to resolve this issue.

1. Unplug the connected dongle from the system .

2. Restart your system.

3. Once your system get restarts, wait for few mins. So that your system get time to initialize.

4. Insert "Neo Rip Software" CD in CD drive.

5..Avoid auto play of CD.

6. Manually explore it for the file present on CD.

7. Run "InstallHasp.exe".

8. Now wait for few mins until your installation get completed.

Total 3 dialog box with message "oK" will appear on your screen automatically while installing the HASP driver.

Once installation is completed restart your computer and then connect teh HASP Dongle.