How to fix the 2nd Pass will not start automatically

You will need to hit the standby button on transport for the printer to return to front. Printer stops in the front position (home position), the printer displays "PAUSE" Once the Pause button is pressed it will begins printing the second pass.

This is caused by the timing that the carriage hits the home position.

If the carriage after the first pass is finished doesn't dock within the timeframe, it thinks that it finished printing so it waits in the back position.

Look for any obstruction that is preventing the carriage from homing in the designated timeframe.

Please take the following steps to solve the issue.

1. Ensure Automatic Repeat is on. This can be found on the transport in the functions menu.

2. Ensure carriage rails are in there prospective slots and not out of place.

3. Ensure there is enough internal memory or hard drive space on the computer.

4. Check the carriage belt behind the carriage, and verify that it is not halfway out dragging to the printer frame