How do you Flush the tube on the Ink Adapter?

1. Insert a Cleaning Solution Bag on the Ink Adapter
2. Switch the white lever on the ink adapter (valve open position) 
3. Manually Pull the Cleaning Solution from the tube on the Ink Adapter using syringe
4. Repeat Number 3 until the tube on the ink adapter becomes clear
5. Replace the Rubber Plug on the ink adapter.  See the link below
6. Flush all 6 ink adapters.
After Flushing all Ink Adapter
1. Shake the white ink for 3 mins (Massage the side of the ink bag)
2. Insert the ink bag on the ink adapter
3. Insert the 6pcs Ink Adapter and cleaning solution for lot 7 and 8 on the printer .
4. Perform Initial Charge
5. Nozzle Test.