Epson SureColor F2100

Blurry Image Issue (Epson SureColor F2100)

Find the common causes and solutions of why you're experiencing a blurry image

Table of Contents

  1. Check Nozzle
  2. Check Platen Height
  3. Check Alignment

There can be a variety of reasons why your image is blurry. It can simply be a garment/ image/ pretreat issue. However, first we should check these steps to rule them out:


Check Nozzle

  1. On your Epson SureColor F2100, follow these steps to get to the nozzle check interface
    1. Menu > Maintenance > Nozzle Test
      1. If your nozzle check pattern shows gaps in the pattern, you will need to clean the print head on those specific colors.
      2. How to Perform a Nozzle Check and Head Cleaning


    Check Platen Height

    • Depending on the thickness of the garment, height should be adjusted.
      • Normally t shirt is around 1~3 height, Hoodies are around 3~4 Height
    • Properly load the garment and make sure there is no uneven surfaces throughout the platen.
      • We do not recommend using a 14 x 16 platen for hoodies mainly because of the pocket. Pocket will stick out and may not let you to print properly.
        • In case you don't have 10 x 12 platen, you will need to change your printing setting to Uni-directional from Bi-directional.
    • Setting the Best Platen Height


    Check Alignment

    • We need to check if the head alignment was set correctly.