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Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Transfer (Direct to Film - DTF) FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Do I have to pretreat with DTF?
    1. No, DTF powder acts as the adhesive, thus no pretreat is required.
  2. What time and temp should I cure my printed DTF transfer?
    1. It depends on what type of heating element you are using (all in Fahrenheit):
      1. Heat Press - 285 degrees for 1-2 minutes
      2. Conveyor Dryer - 600 degrees for 50 seconds
      3. Flash Cure - High temperature for 30 seconds
  3. Why does excess powder transfer onto my garment?
    1. Since the powder acts as the adhesive, any and all excess powder that is on the sheet will transfer. It is crucial to flick off any excess powder before using a heating element for transfer.
  4. How do I know if I cured my adhesive correctly?
    1. If you cured correctly, the adhesive will look glossy.
    2. If the adhesive turns brown, this means that you have overcooked the adhesive powder.
  5. Why do some DTF prints feel different than others?
    1. This will ultimately be decided by your settings. By using less white underbase, you will achieve a softer hand feel.
      1. If you are using Kothari NeoRip software, we created a pre-made environment you can use to achieve optimal results.
  6. Is DTF considered a cold peel or hot peel?
    1. This is going to depend on the type of transfer media you are using:
      1. If you are using Ecofreen DTG Transfer (DTF) Transfer Film, it is a cold peel. This means you have to make sure your transfer film is completely cool before peeling.
      2. Please check the directions of your specific transfer media as some transfer media are a warm/hot peel.
  7. Are all DTF papers (films) and powders the same?
    1. Put simply, no. There are different types of powders and papers producing various results.
      1. Ecofreen DTF powder and films are Oeko-Tex Certified and are safe to use.
  8. What are the benefits of DTF?
    1. For benefits, we have a guide that outlines all the pros and cons and more!
      1. Visit here for more info!
  9. Do I have to make changes in my software when using DTF?
    1. This will depend on what software you are using:
      1. If you are using Kothari NeoRip software, you will not have to make any changes as long as you use our pre-made environment!
        1. If you are interested in Kothari NeoRip, please contact us directly or visit our website.
      2. If you are using Garment Creator software, you will need to make sure the printer puts down CMYK first, then the white ink. You will also need to adjust how much ink is being applied.
  10. Do I really use less ink when doing DTF compared to DTG?
    1. Yes, with DTF, you will need to reduce the amount of white ink being applied to achieve optimal results. Depending on the artwork, you can reduce ink usage by almost 60 percent.